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Book Review: Suspense

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Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf


Suspense > Mystery

“It wasn’t just losing my hearing, it was the loneliness that came with the it, the sense of always being separate, apart from everyone I loved. What I wouldn’t do to go back in time and make different choices.”

Once a nurse, Amelia Winn is left deaf after a car plows into her and a domestic violence victim she’s escorting to the car. She turns to alcohol and estranges herself from her husband, her stepdaughter, and her friends, losing her job as well.

Now trying to put her shattered life back together, she’s out paddle boarding with her service dog when she finds the dead body of a nurse she’s once worked with.

I liked reading from a deaf person’s perspective. Also, Amelia is always out jogging or kayaking, but she does it to relieve stress and enjoy nature. We’re not constantly being told how strong and attractive she is, which I appreciated.

Unfortunately, I figured out the killer early on, although not all the specifics, and it didn’t take away from how intense the tension was once Amelia figures it out and realizes she’s in fatal danger.


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Book Review: Legal Thriller

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Undue Influence by Steve Martini


Legal Thriller

I enjoyed this legal suspense novel. It’s the first book I’ve read featuring Defense Attorney Paul Madriani, but I think it stood fine on its own, without having read the first two books in the series.

There were plenty of twists and turns as Madriani attempts to prove that his former sister-in-law did not murder the new wife of her ex-husband. When Madriani’s wife was dying, she made him promise that he would look out for Laurel, but Laurel’s making it difficult for him because she refuses to tell him the whole story. (A plot device for the reader’s benefit.)

As he and his partner chase down witnesses who can exonerate his client, its evident that his life may be at risk as well. A couple things I guessed and a couple things seemed a little convenient, but mostly I thought the plot twists were fun. That feeling of: Uh-oh, how’s he going to recover from that blistering attack from the prosecution?

There were some odd storytelling choices and I hate when an author switches from sometimes calling a person by his/her first name and other times refers to the person by his/her last name, but mostly, the writing was entertaining and well done.


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