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Book Review: Chick Lit

Posted on Aug 13, 2016 |

30 First Dates by Stacey Wiedower


Chick Lit

30 First DatesI had more fun with this book than I was expecting. Wiedower was smart in that she had Erin not simply go on 30 First Dates before her 30th birthday, but combine than with a list of 30 bucket-list type things to cross off, too. Some of the bucket list items she did on dates, others she did with her girlfriends, like go to Paris with her friend and roommate, Sherri. In Paris, they did meet some men.

Erin starts a blog about her experience, and it quickly gains tons of followers, in part because she used to date a guy named Noah, who is dating a bestselling author, who had been dating a famous actor named Colin Marks. When the author, Amelia, breaks things off with Colin to go back to Noah, it’s a tabloid sensation, and what Erin’s role may have been in helping Noah and Amelia get together, and therefore America’s sweethearts end things, makes Erin’s blog big news. The blog becomes bigger news after getting coverage in other media, including TV.

You can figure out the gist of how things are going to end in chapter one. Another flaw with the book is that I could never figure out why Erin stayed friends with her very self-centered friend Hilary, who slept with a man Erin was dating. Hilary is no longer a close friend, but Erin is still the maid of honor in her wedding, despite the fact that Hilary had cheated on her fiancé more than once. Also, I thought there were a lot of opportunities for humor that just weren’t here. Obviously, humor is not Wiedower’s style, but I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve found a book of fiction that makes me laugh out loud. I keep having to turn to nonfiction to laugh so hard I fall off the couch. What’s going on, publishing industry? We readers like to laugh *and* cry.

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