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Book Review: Screenwriting

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 |

Writing Screenplays that Sell by Michael Hauge


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I find that when I’m blocked with my writing, reading a how-to book can inspire me. I’m a novelist who only occasionally wonders if I have it in me to turn one of my manuscripts into a teleplay or screenplay. The basics of storytelling, regardless of genre, are the same. Namely, your hero needs a goal, and achieving that goal should be super hard.

This book did not inspire me to write screenplays, but if that’s your goal, this book is a good start. The advice is helpful For example during the brainstorming faze:

“Don’ edit as you go. In other words, when dialogue (or any other aspect of your writing) starts to flow, you are tapping directly into your creative source . . . If you start to engage your critical, judgmental faculties, you will stifle the creativity you’ve been striving for.”

The movie business sounds even harder than the novel-writing business because it takes millions of dollars to make a movie. For a novel, depending on the format, distribution, advance, and marketing campaign, if you’re lucky enough to have a publisher give you one, the costs are almost nothing by comparison. Also, in novel writing, unless you go to a conference where you pitch your book in person, everything is done these days by email queries. You’d definitely never call an agent like the parts of this book in which Hauge encourages you to cold call. Yipes!

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