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Book Review: Suspense

Posted on Sep 7, 2016 |

All Fall Down by Tom Bale


Suspense > Mystery > Thriller

allfalldownThis book starts out suspenseful and exciting and doesn’t let up.

It begins with Rob and Wendy having a barbeque in their backyard with their son, Evan, and his girlfriend and their adopted daughter Georgia. Their other son, Josh, Evan’s twin, is away at school. They hear a knocking at their fence and Rob hears someone pleading the words “help me.” The old man that Rob finds has been beaten terribly and it looks like he may have been tortured. They call the paramedics, but the man dies en route to the hospital, so now the police must determine if they are investigating a murder.

Rob has his own secrets—he knows people who occasionally don’t operate within the law. Georgia is fighting her own demons from her mother’s ex-boyfriend who murdered her addicted mother and almost murdered her. Josh also has secrets. Because the family themselves has things they want to hide, they are hesitant about how much to reveal to the police. This makes the book much more interesting because Bale drops bits about their past as he goes.

They don’t know if they were targeted for a reason or if they are just victims of a circumstance. Several odd things happen over the course of the week, and several members of the family feel like they may be being watched. But why?

This is fast-paced and gripping. I recommend it to fans of mystery/suspense/thrillers.

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