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Book Review: Suspense

Posted on Aug 23, 2017 |

The Blackbird Season by Kate Moretti



Moretti’s work gets better and better. This novel is suspenseful as promised: Did beloved teacher and coach Nate Winters rape a troubled female student? If not, will he get off, and if so, how? But I think what makes this such a good novel is the way Moretti portrays the subtle challenges of human nature. A marriage already under strain because Nate’s wife, Alecia, has been overwhelmed by taking care of the needs of their autistic now-five-year-old son. Alecia finds clues that make her doubt Nate’s side of the story. Nate, wanting everyone to love him and making stupid decisions because of it (but if characters/people always made good decisions, there would be no such thing as suspense novels). Then, there are the newly strained friendships because people don’t know whom to believe. Now, when Alecia and Nate need support from friends and from each other more than ever, they don’t have it.

The story is told going back and forth in time from an odd day when hundreds of starlings fell from the sky to a baseball field, bringing dozens of reporters into town. It’s also told from the multiple points of view of Nate and Alecia, as well as creative writing teacher Bridget, a good friend to them both, and Lucia, the student who levels the charge to one of the reporters in town.

Also, a side note: Everywhere else the wife’s name is spelled Alicia, but in the advanced copy I received from NetGalley, it was spelled Alecia—who knows how it will be spelled in the version that WILL RELEASE SEPTEMBER 26, but, in case thanks to NetGalley for the advanced copy!

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