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Book Review: The Woman in the Window

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 |

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn



Dr. Anna Fox used to have a successful life as a mother, wife, and child psychologist, but something happened several months earlier that has given her agoraphobia. She can have her prescription medications and endless bottles of wine delivered, so she never has to leave her house. If she does want human contact, she calls her estranged husband and the daughter that lives with him. Her physical therapist and doctor come to her. There is also the online community of other people battling agoraphobia.

Anna spies on her neighbors, camera in hand, reminiscent of Rear Window, which is the kind of movie she watches endlessly—black and white classics with an edge. When she sees a neighbor in trouble and the police get involved, she is not a reliable witness. People who mix prescription drugs and copious amounts of alcohol rarely are. It gets to the point she doesn’t know herself what is real—and therefore, neither do we, the readers.

I enjoyed the suspense of this novel.

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