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Book Review: Thriller

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 |

You by Caroline Kepnes



This book is a special kind of creepy. Told from the point of view of Joe, he becomes obsessed with a young woman who comes into the bookstore he runs and starts following her after Googling the name on her credit card.

Because she has public social media accounts, he’s able to orchestrate his way into her life, collecting things like her underwear and a “lost” cell phone that he hacks into.

What makes this book so creepy is the casual, sometimes stream-of-consciousness way he recounts what “Beck” (Guinevere Beck) or “You” is doing and his speculation about what she’s thinking based on her emails and Tweets. His calm way of describing doing whatever is necessary to clear any obstacles in his way of making her his girlfriend and, in his mind, his wife in a psycho happily-ever-after tale is unnerving. Clearing obstacles occasionally means murder, which he justifies by seizing on any frailties Beck’s friends or boyfriends or acquaintances may have.

This was absorbing and thus fast-paced, but ever-so-disturbing. Also, while none of the sex or Joe’s sexual thoughts are meant to be erotic, the language is explicit, so if that bothers you, be warned.

I’m impressed by the unique manner in which this novel was told. The author is skilled and original.

If you’re single, you’ll never want to go on a date again.


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