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Book Review: Thriller

Posted on Jan 1, 2018 |

Origin by Dan Brown


Thriller > Mystery

I had a lot of fun with Brown’s latest fast-paced thriller. I have not been to Spain and knew virtually nothing about the architecture and royal politics of the region.

This time, Professor Robert Langdon teams up with the fiance of Prince Julian, Ambra Vidal. When Langdon’s former student, inventor and computer scientist and passionate atheist Edmond Kirsch, is murdered just before he can reveal something that he promises will destroy religion as we know it, Langdon and Vidal use Winston, an artificial intelligence device created by Kirsch to try to uncover his secret. Someone doesn’t want them to be able to do that, so they are on the run as known (police officers) and unknown people try to kill them before they can accomplish their goal.

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