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Book Review: Women’s Fiction Results May Vary

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 |

Results May Vary – Women’s Fiction

Bethany Chase


resultsThe first few pages will grab you right away—Caroline’s marriage of ten years is about to be destroyed, or at least seriously threatened, but she doesn’t know it yet. She’s looking forward to a night in the city at an art gallery featuring an up-and-coming photographer.

One thing I enjoyed about this book was the art angle—Caroline is a museum curator and her husband, Adam, is aspiring to be a great novelist as his rigid father expects. There are definitely things in this book that I didn’t see coming, which I greatly appreciated. One thing was discovering that Adam’s infidelity is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of secrets he’s been hiding from his wife—a woman he started dating when they were only 17 years old, and got married to when they were 23. He’s the only man she’s ever dated.

There are the colorful characters of Caroline’s sister, Ruby, and an artist friend, Farren. The writing is beautiful, with lines like “October trickled by, one glorious stained-glass day after another.” (The book is set in New England.) Another line I thought beautiful: “acting with kindness is a choice you will never have to regret.”

If you’re looking for a book with evil villains and that sort of thing, this isn’t it. This is a book about a woman trying to figure out if her marriage is worth saving, and what her future will mean if it isn’t.

Thanks to Netgalley for an advanced copy of Result May Vary in exchange for an honest review.

-Theresa Alan

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