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Book Reviews: Romance

Posted on Dec 3, 2016 |

Fat Fridays by Judith Keim


Romance (Very sweet)

fatfridaysThis is a cute story of five women who meet on Fridays for lunch to talk about life. The rule is that calories don’t count, hence the title “Fat Fridays.” It was too sweet for my taste. Also, there were some clichés like “she had a body that wouldn’t quit.”

I think this was too syrupy sweet even for my grandmother. Sukie, the protagonist, is my age (early 40s), but seemed like she was from an entirely different era. If you want a sugary read, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.



Size Matters by Allison Bliss


Romance (Some sex)


Leah is a plus-sized woman who owns a bakery. Sam is a man who just broke up with a woman who was ready to marry him and have his kids not because she loved him, but because she’d decided it was time to get married and have kids. After that relationship, Sam is trying to avoid women. Sam and Leah meet at a bar. His friend Max is interested in Leah’s friend, Valerie, who is a similar size as Leah but her size doesn’t bother her. Though Sam is attracted to Leah, he doesn’t want a relationship. She misunderstands and thinks he’s not attracted to her because of her size. When he tries to explain and make amends, he ends up driving her to her ex-fiances wedding to help her deliver the wedding cake she’d made. In an effort to help her not feel bad about her ex marrying a skinny, vacuous woman, Sam lies and introduces himself as her fiance. Naturally, there are a bunch more lies and miscommunications. Mixed in between is a lot of sex and them falling for each other despite themselves.

The title refers to both a woman’s dress size and a man’s you-know-what size. The latter was a little strange to be talked about so much—everyone is an adult in this story, and who talks about that much as an adult? Discussing Leah’s weight made sense because her mother constantly gives her a hard time about it, and Leah’s sensitivity to the issue is partially why it’s so easy for her to misinterpret what Sam says to think his hesitance to date is about her weight.

This is a breezy, cute, fun book.

Craving by Helen Hardt


Romance (Explicit)

cravingYou will like this book if you like the following: Explicit sex scenes (lots of them) in which words like “obey” and “possess” are used frequently. Also, you need to enjoy books that end in a cliffhanger. I like series, but I like them to be stand-alone books, so if you read them out of order, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t realize that this book ended in a cliffhanger, so when I reached the end, at first I thought it was an error and that the book had been cut off mid-paragraph.

I’m not a fan of explicit sex scenes, but taking that out of consideration, I thought the story of a woman dumped at the altar who goes to stay at her girlfriend’s ranch was good. While Jade hangs out at the ranch, waiting to hear if she passed the bar exam, she falls for her friend’s troubled brother. The hero has the unlikely name of Talon Steel, and his back story was mostly filled in by the end; it was compelling.

If you plan to read the next book immediately after finishing this one, you should enjoy this.

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