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The idea behind #funnylinefic is to see how humor is used effectively in fiction. Some books are intended to be humorous, sometimes humor is used to add levity to after a tension-filled scene, other times comedy is used to show character. People like funny, so a protagonist with a sense of humor is likeable, even if the subject matter is decidedly unfunny. For example, in RACHEL’S HOLIDAY by Marian Keyes, the protagonist is dealing with drug addiction, yet the book is hilarious. In THE DOG YEAR by Ann Garvin, the protagonist is suffering from the loss of her husband and unborn child from an accident. She adopts a dog and finds a cast of humorously damaged characters who help her heal.

Also, it’s always important to promote our fellow writers, so share funny lines from your favorite authors, your own published books or from your works in progress! (Please feel free to share in the comments section of this page as well—by sharing we’ll assume you’re open to comments on your work.) Tweet them out—if 140 characters isn’t enough, make the quote a graphic.

goodinbed“It’s sometimes hard not to be envious of someone who can take food or leave it, whereas I mostly take it and then take hers, too.” GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner




rachelsholidayThey said I was a drug addict. If found that hard to come to terms with . . . surely drug addicts were thinner? RACHEL’S HOLIDAY by Marian Keyes





fieldofschemesWithout the German team emblem and player number on the back, it could’ve passed for a prison uniform, which is exactly what I’d be wearing if I made it a habit of getting into retail brawls with other soccer moms. FIELD OF SCHEMES  by Jennifer Coburn 




lifeaftercoffee“Noooo! No! No!” she screams, straining against her harness and thrashing all of her legs and arms at the same time. I notice that she manages to keep hold of the muffin. I have no time for this McDrama; we’re going to have to take the muffin in. If I have stink out the reception area with McDonald’s reek, then so be it.” LIFE AFTER COFFEE by Virginia Franken 





Any schmuck can be unhappy when things aren’t going well, but it takes a truly unique variety of schmuck, a real innovator in the schmuck field, to be unhappy when things are going as great as they are for me. THE BOOK OF JOE Jonaby thon Tropper




who2-1Going into the job market armed with nothing more than a degree in English is like trying to fight a five-alarm fire when you’re soaked with lighter fluid—you’re just not going to get very far. WHO YOU KNOW by Theresa Alan





likeyoujustfineI LIKE YOU JUST FINE WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND by Ann Garvin (That’s just the title of the book, but I think it wins for best humorous title)






It was O.J. all over again (sans, you know, the whole murdering your ex-wife thing). SPIN by Catherine McKenzie 





meninkiltsThe only man I met was a street person who hit me up for a pound by promising to write my name in urine on the sidewalk. MEN IN KILTS by Katie Macallister





longwaydownWhen we first split up, he called me a stalker, but that’s an emotive word “stalker” isn’t it? I don’t think you can call it stalking when it’s just phone calls and letters and emails and knocking on the door. And I only turned up at his work twice. Three times, if you count his Christmas party, which I don’t. A LONG WAY DOWN by Nick Hornby




smalladmissionsChildhood with Professors Pearson and Watts had been perfectly stable and even loving, but acutely, serially embarrassing. SMALL ADMISSIONS by Amy Peoppel

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  1. Sara Alan says:

    “Ooh, it’s serious in here! This is the Big Stinkin’ College Comedy Contest, right? Or did I walk into an episode of Game of Thrones?” I lower my voice. “Is one of us about to die?” – from my WIP, Love and Other Punchlines